Christmas HOME Kensington Switch Mat

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Christmas HOME Coir Kensington Switch Doormat Insert by Evergreen measures 9.25" x 28.25". Kensington Coir Switch Doormat is woven from 100% natural coconut fiber. Kensington Switch Mats can be used alone or can easily be switched in and out of switch mat base trays for a larger more upscale look. The thick coir fibers absorb moisture, making this doormat durable and weather resistant. The coir provides an anti-skid surface that helps trap dust and dirt. Each mat features a recycled rubber backing to help keep it in place.

Fibers are naturally weather- and mildew- resistant. Shedding of coir fibers is natural and will subside over time. Easy to maintain; simply shake or brush mat clean. Do not place in area where it will remain wet for long periods of time with no sunlight for drying. For best results, display your mat in a covered or sheltered area to prevent fading.

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