Dark Abyss Soy/Bee Candle 11oz

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Beeswax candles have great relaxation properties and aids in stress relief and meditation. Being the only candle that emits negative ions that improve air quality by purifying and actually cleansing the air. Being hypoallergenic, they can help tremendously those that suffer from asthma, environmental allergies and sensitivities. Beeswax candles help eliminate dust, mold, and odors in the air thus improving breathing.

Burning beeswax candles for 60 minutes in the bedroom before bedtime can clean the air for a more restful sleep. Use in the kitchen, office, bathrooms, and areas of heavy traffic to help rid unwanted lingering odors. Wonderful for cleaning the air for young, delicate lungs in a nursery.

Ounces: 11

Dimensions: 3.5w X 4h

lid covering: wood

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