Honeysuckle Jasmine Bee/Soy Candle

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Beeswax is the non-toxic, all natural substance secreted by honeybees after they consume honey. They use this wax to build honeycomb. When filtered and cleaned, using it for candles are both beneficial and beautiful to us. Burning beeswax candles for 60 minutes in the bedroom before bedtime can clean the air for a more restful sleep. Use in the kitchen, office, bathrooms, and areas of heavy traffic to help rid unwanted lingering odors. Wonderful for cleaning the air for young, delicate lungs in a nursery.

Soft dreamy scent of lemon, ginger,violet and amyris with soft woodsy aromas that round out this floral scent.

Dimensions: 3.5w X 4h

Ounces: 11

Lid covering: Wood

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