Pure Floral Lamp Gift Set with Precious Jasmine

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Bring Spring renewal into your home with a floral touch and a light, airy fragrance that will usher winter on its way. The Pure Floral Lampe Berger Gift Set features a harmonious design to accent any home. A delicate floral motif embellishes the lamp body, where finely drawn flowers in deep gray contrast with the transparent glass. The gleaming silver cap confers a certain stature and distinction to this ornamental object. The accompanying Precious Jasmine fragrance will purify and perfume your space. The floral aromas of jasmine, carnation and orange blossom give way to a citrus, spicy and powdery sillage. Transform your home into a fabulous aromatic garden in just a few minutes. Surround yourself with spring florals! FRAGRANCE IS DYE FREE

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