The King Bee/Soy Candle 11oz

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Burning beeswax candles for 60 minutes in the bedroom before bedtime can clean the air for a more restful sleep. Use in the kitchen, office, bathrooms, and areas of heavy traffic to help rid unwanted lingering odors. Wonderful for cleaning the air for young, delicate lungs in a nursery.

When burning they are natural ionizers and invigorate the body. Emitting virtually no black soot that can stain interior home surfaces and they leave no black residue behind. They also produce a stronger brightness to their flame, having a natural bright light in the same spectrum as the sun. Truly a gift from nature, when burning no other wax can evoke the same natural warmth, ambience and style as beeswax.

Dimensions: 3.5w X 4h

Lid: Wood

Ounces: 11

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