Velvety Suede 500 ml

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Pays homage to the know-how of the fashion and luxury universe and to the exceptional, velvety and almost sensual touch of suede. Its flight of spices and saffron is softened by a slightly iris-scented bouquet, and then reveals a delicately milky and smooth facet. A mixed and original, supple and silky olfactory composition, the excellence of French perfumery. The suede accord is an imaginary note created by perfumers. It is both smooth and velvety, invented to modernize leather notes, sometimes considered too animal-like. Iti is a tactile evocation of suede, which is softer and smoother than leather. The sude note adds depth and a velvety touch to fragrant compositions. Head Notes: Spices, Saffron Heart Notes: Iris, Rose, Lily of the Valley Base Notes: Sandalwood, White musk, Sude accord, Vanilla
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