Aroma D-Stress Sweet Fruits Reed Diffuser 200ml

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The Aroma D-Stress Sweet Fruits refill with its Sweetness of Fruits allows you to relax. Citrus notes with orange zest and bergamot are underlined by the pleasantly fruity mandarin essential oil. The sweet notes of juicy melon mingle with the powdery scents of mimosa and the spicy power of ginger, all set by the scent of musk.

Very light, this fragrance invites you to let go of the world around you and refocus on the present moment, leaving negative waves behind you. Make yourself comfortable, slow down your breathing, and release your body from its tensions for a regained well-being. All this is possible thanks to the Aroma D-Stress Reed Diffuser Refill and its soothing aromachological virtues

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