Goddess Collection-Belle Bracelet Gold L /XL

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Our Goddess Collection derives its roots from royalty. This elegant piece demands attention when being worn; be sure this will impress those around you! We hope you love the Goddess Collection, exclusively from Kinsley Armelle.

We prepare our 18K Yellow Gold and/or 18K Rose Gold with a bonding agent. Both the coating and bonding agent are then vaporized by an electrical charge and the vapor is propelled onto the bonding material. Lastly, an opposite electrical charge is introduced and that forces the coating and underlying layer to bond. Our ‘silver’ ion plated stainless steel designs are always solid stainless steel, our yellow gold designs are 18k yellow gold over stainless steel and our rose gold designs are 18k rose gold over stainless steel...

18K Yellow Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel

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