Land Sienna Pre-filled Amber Powder Reed Diffuser

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The Land Reed Diffuser in Sienna is colored with a natural pigment found in Mediterranean countries such as Italy. It's amber and ocher-brown hue adds a warm and gentle glow to your space, an ideal complement to nature-inspired décor, whether rustic, bohemian, or contemporary. The glass curves and metal ring form a coordinated silhouette, accentuating the industrial touch of its unique metal cage. The reed diffuser is pre-filled with the elegant and refined Amber Powder fragrance. The composition’s spicy elements combine with warm amber notes, followed by gently enveloping resinous balms to create an especially striking effect.

USAGE TIPS Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent. Remove a few twigs to lessen fragrance intensity. Change twigs with every new fragrance. Height 8.7" Width 2.6" Length 2.6"

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