Goddess Collection-Silver Belle Bracelet S/M

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Our Goddess Collection derives its roots from royalty. This elegant piece demands attention when being worn; be sure this will impress those around you! We hope you love the Goddess Collection, exclusively from Kinsley Armelle.

Beaded Material: Silver Ion Plated Stainless Steel Size: 6.5 - 8 Inch Circumference

Ion Plated Stainless Steel is a fairly new technique for jewelry plating. The process is used to apply a hardwearing and durable finish to stainless steel jewelry designs. Ion plated jewelry has been proven to be five to eight times more durable than traditional methods used in coating jewelry. Ion plating requires less material for coating due to its process; therefore, Ion Plated (IP) Stainless Steel is not only great for durability, it also helps to ensure the integrity of KA designs.

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